Disc AlNiCo Magnets

LNGT72 AlNiCo Disc Magnet


Composite: Aluminum,Nickel,Cobalt,and a few transition metals
Grade: LNGT72
Dimension: According to your request
Shapes: Disc(More shapes can be customized)
Application: Automotive, Sensors and instruments, audio apparatus, electric motors, educational equipment and aerospace equipment. etc
Certification: ISO9001

Product Information of AlNiCo Magnet

General Introduction
AlNiCo material is comprised of aluminum,nickel,cobalt and iron with varying additions of other elements.There are two different manufacturing processes for AlNiCo:Cast and sintered.Cast AlNiCo can be made into many sizes and shapes,whereas Sintered AlNiCo is usually restricted to smaller sizes.However,both processes lead themselves to complex geometries and configurations.Standard Sintered AlNiCo has tighter dimensional tolerances due to its processing.It also has slighty lower magnetic properties,but better mechanical strength than Cast AlNiCo products.

1. The highest working temperature can reach 550 degrees Celsius
2. Minimum reversible temperature coefficient (minimum 0.02%), magnetic best temperature stability
3. Strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, product surface usually don't need plating processing.
4. Alnico permanent magnet materials: low mechanical strength, high hardness (fifty rockwell), fragile, workability is poorer, therefore can be used as the structure to design.
5. The characteristics of low coercivity, in use process strictly prohibited it with any ferromagnetism content contact, lest cause local irreversible demagnetization or magnetic pass density distribution of distortion.
6. By adjusting the formula and processing method, can be processed into various shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of customers

Surface Treatments
The corrosion resistance of Alnico is considered excellent , and no surface treatments are required. However, Alnico magnets are easily plated if specially required.

Technical Data of Sintered AlNiCo Permanent Magnets
AlNiCo Magnets sintered

Technical Data of Cast AlNiCo Permanent Magnets

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