Block Ferrite Magnets

Y10 Ferrite Block Magnet


Composite: SrO or BaO and Fe203
Grade: Y10
Dimension: According to your request
Shapes: Block(More shapes can be customized)
Application: Motors,Sperkers,Toys,Crafts,etc
Certification: ISO9001

Product Information of Ferrite Permanent Magnet

General Introduction
Ferrite magnets are quality, economical components that can be found in applications as diverse as automation, control, measurement and others. Ferrite magnets can be isotropic or anisotropic: for anisotropic qualities, the particles are aligned in a single direction, obtaining better magnetic characteristics.
Ferrite magnets are resistant to many chemical substances, such as solvents, bleaches and fluorhydric acid. Due to their ceramic nature, ferrite magnets are brittle and sensitive to knocks or bending. Because of their great hardness (6-7 Mohs), they have to be machined with diamond tools. Operating temperatures with ferrite magnets are generally between –40ºC and 250ºC.

Surface Treatments
The corrosion resistance of Ferrite is considered excellent , and no surface treatments are required. However, Ferrite magnets may have a thin film of fine magnet powder on the surface and for clean, non-contaminated applications, some form of coating may be required.

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