Neodymium magnet in the healthcare industry

Ndfeb magnet in the healthcare industry

Ndfeb magnet is high-tech materials, belong to high-end rare earth materials.In fact,Ndfeb magnet is paid great attention by multiple industries,and its application is very broad.In medical treatment, ndfeb is because of its high performance magnetic field is widely used in medical and health protection, medical imaging, and benefit the livelihood of the people.

According to the medical research proof,Ndfeb magnetic materials has obvious therapeutic effect on diseases,such as bone hyperplasia, periarthritis of shoulder, neurasthenia and other diseases.A large number of practice and scientific experiments prove ndfeb magnetized high strength can change the water's surface tension, density, solvent, such as physical properties, chemical properties have a significant impact on ph, etc, the magnetized water can increase the activity of enzyme in water and biological membrane permeability.In order to save raw materials, ndfeb with less used for medical imaging equipment, high strength, high stability of the magnetic field.