Chinese first permanent magnet metro was put into operation

Car era in electric co., release a news after through the review,Chinese first "permanent magnet metro" has been in changsha metro line 1 in passenger service.This is Chinese first passenger operation qualification have democracy "metro" permanent magnet,open the urban rail transit in China of the "age of permanent magnet," the comprehensive energy saving rate is as high as thirty percent above. This column installed permanent magnet traction system of metro trains, made in China by the changsha city rail transit group, car in zhuzhou electric locomotive co., LTD., and the car era electric joint research and development. At the beginning of 2015 "permanent magnet metro" overall design, train launched in March 2016 to accept operation examination.

According to expert introduction,compared with the ordinary subway train, train traction system of permanent magnet (DSPM) motor is more efficient and higher power density, comprehensive energy saving up to 30%. Subway in changsha as an example, using permanent magnet traction system, a year can save electricity bill of $5.5 million.
Due to it's more energy-efficient, more lightweight, the permanent magnet traction system is considered to be the next generation of rail transit train traction system. Previously, rail transit permanent magnet train produced by international giants such as alstom, bombardier has been successfully commercialized in France, Japan and other countries. As the first column and customized "permanent magnet metro" put into use, the international competitiveness of China urban rail transit equipment also significantly enhanced, will give the future of urban rail transit brings good economic and social benefits.