Injection molding magnet

Today,we will talk about injection magnet:the production technology of injection molding magnet, injection of magnetization of magnet,the max working temperature and the precision size of the injection molding magnet etc. Injection molding magnet 1

1.the magnetization of injection magnet

The magnetization of injection molding magnets can be carried out in a variety of ways such as oriented through diameter,axially oriented,radically oriented,oriented in segments and so on.

2.the production technology of injection molding magnet

In the process of molding, material under the powerful injection pressure at the highest state of concentration fill the mold cavity completely,combined with the material contains thermoplastic binder, make the magnet is of good physical and mechanical properties. to choose the material Injection molding magnet

Temperature charactergnetic powder and binder. For example, ferrite powder and nylon 6 or PPS composite can pass the test of 180 ℃. And nylon 12 will melt under 170 ℃ , so if the magnet design using temperature over 150 ℃, nylon 12 is not recommended.
Take the NdFeB magnet fistic: the highest use temperature of the injection molding magnets depends on its use of maor example,if its intrinsic coercive force is 9500oersted(760kA/m),no matter use which kinds of binder, under the condition of more than 120 ℃, the magnetic properties of the material appears irreversible loss significantly.

4.dimensional accuracy of Injection molding magnet

Due to the injection molding product is consistent with the injection mold cavity on the size, so the size of product can be controlled accurately.In addition, the binder of the material in the cooling shrinkage can cause the change of the product size, the degree of shrinkage depends on the thickness and appearance of the product. The typical size tolerance: + / - 0.08 mm.