The neodymium of Ndfeb material has strong chemical activity

China is a veritable ndfeb production country, annual production of 2008 has reached 78.6% of the world,Ndfeb magnet has many applications in many industries.Ndfeb material get corrosion or its components is damaged,for a long time can cause magnetic attenuation until is lost, thus affecting the use performance and life of the whole machine, so must be strict anti-corrosion treatment before use.
The ndfeb anticorrosive processing widely used electroplating, electroless plating, chemical conversion film, electrophoresis and coating method,electroplating as a mature means of metal surface treatment are more widely application.Ndfeb magnet is little more artifacts (0.25g ~ 20 g),electroplating production is given priority to with barrel plating, hanging plating. But the ndfeb barrel plating is much more difficult than ordinary steel parts.
Material neodymium in strong chemical activity, ndfeb parts even contact with water will generate hydrogen and corrosion, so you need to do some measures to prevent:
1.Before plating processing with acid, alkali shoulds not be too strong, otherwise the material matrix are susceptible to corrosion, and because of hydrochloric acid react with neodymium chloride and should avoid using hydrochloric acid;
2. Pre plating or plating directly choose simple salt solution (such as watt nickel and potassium chloride zinc plating, etc.), make the parts easily oxidation and affect the adhesion strength of the coating and substrate, and because parts which are corroded will pollute the solution;
3. Hard to choose a big volume of the cylinder, or to a greater influence on the mixing cycle, parts of oxidation.