The future development of new energy electric vehicles is the opportunity

Auto industry especially difficult this year, the market downturn, sales of landslide, a price drop down again, is undergoing a winter.However,there are bright spots:New energy vehicles become more and more.New energy vehicles will be a new growth point, new energy car sales reached a record high, reached 136733, an increase of 2.2 times, the year is expected to more than 200000 vehicles, but still accounted for less than 1%. Pure electric bus, multiple positive factors will continue to promote the development of industry.

New energy automotive industry need a large number of NdFeB magnet,SmCo magnet,Alnico magnetand cobalt and so on.The prospect of future development of new energy electric vehicles is very good, therefore, ndfeb, samarium cobalt permanent magnetic material will be used by a lot of, as a manufacturer, need to be prepared.